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HRC: Conceived by Hunters for Hunters
“A dog lover can only love his dog; A dog trainer can love and train."
Richard A. Wolters
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The Big D Hunting Retriever Club is a family oriented organization founded by hunting enthusiasts affiliated with HRC and AKC. Our members are engaged in raising, training and testing hunting retrievers. Our goal is to promote and encourage hunting with a trained hunting retriever. This not only improves the hunting breeds but also promotes conservation of waterfowl and upland game birds. You'll find our dogs at events such as the HRC International Grand and the AKC Master National. Our members are committed to taking their retrievers to the next step. We also have fun hunts, club shoots, training days, and other events for our members and their families.

“A good dog gets my attention; A good gundog gets my full attention”
Steve Reider
Evidence for domestication of the dog 12,000 years ago