About Us

The Big D Hunting Retriever Club (Big D HRC) is a family oriented organization founded by hunting enthusiasts affiliated with HRC and AKC. We are dedicated to raising, training and testing hunting retrievers. Our goal is to promote and encourage hunting with a trained hunting retriever. This not only improves the hunting breeds but also promotes conservation of waterfowl and upland game birds. Hunting with a trained hunting retriever increases the number of downed birds that make it to the dinner table and make hunting more enjoyable. You’ll find our dogs at events such as the HRC International Grand, the AKC Master National and Super Retriever Series, Our members are committed to taking their retrievers to the next step. If you’ve just discovered us “on the web”, we hope you’ll attend a meeting or event in the near future to get a “hands on” feel of what we are about. Our thanks for your interests in and visiting Big D HRC.
Our members come from all areas of the Dallas Metroplex and their dogs represent every major retrieving breed. The Big D HRC is a local member of the national Hunting Retriever Club, Inc., an BigDPicnicaffiliation of the United Kennel Club, Inc., the largest registry of hunting dogs in the world. The motto of the Hunting Retriever Club is “conceived by hunters for hunters”. UKC offers titles to registered HRC dogs who earn them. “Honor to Whom Honor is Due”: Started Hunting Retrievers (SHR), Hunting Retrievers (HR), Hunting Retriever Champions (HRCH), and Grand Hunting Retriever Champions (GRHRCH). Big D HRC is also an approved American Kennel Club member, and a member of the AKC Master National Retriever Club. We hold Licensed AKC Retriever Hunt Test events in accordance with AKC standards and rules set to earn titles offered to those qualifying: Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH), and Master Hunter (MH).
funhuntWe have monthly meetings in which we discuss various hunting and training topics as well as club business. We also have regularly scheduled training days. Our more experienced members are very knowledgeable dog trainers and quite willing to help with any problems you may be having with your dog. We also have fun hunts, club shoots, parties and other social events for our members and their families. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (allowances for holidays made with notice). Visit our Calendar to find upcoming meetings and particulars.
Hunt Tests
The Big D HRC holds a licensed UKC hunt test in the fall and AKC hunt test in the spring of each year. The tests usually has between 100 and 150 dogs participating, from our club and other clubs all over the nation. The UKC hunt tests consist of three categories, Started, Seasoned, and Finished, with each category increasing in difficulty. The handler wears camo clothing and shoots a shotgun loaded Orie-HuntTestwith blanks in HRC.AKC Hunt tests consist of three levels: Junior, Senior and Master, with each level escalating difficulty in elements required of the test rules set by AKC. In both venues, the dogs are judged against a set standard, rather than against each other. You and your retriever will be judged on your performance in true-to-life hunting situations. All of the tests are set up to resemble actual hunting conditions. Real birds are used in every test. There is no finer training for your retriever during the off-season. Visit our Calendar to get a listing of hunts pending in the area. HRC offers a listing of national HRC hunts scheduled. Visit AKC’s site to get a complete listing of national AKC hunts.
How many times have you shaken your head in frustration, wondering why your trusty companion performs so perfectly in the back yard, but can’t seem to get it right anywhere else? Well, don’t fret. It’s perfectly natural and will take care of itself—as long as you change up your training environment and get proper instruction from knowledgeable trainers.

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That’s why we have training days once a month. These days are great for everyone from beginners to pros for learning, training, and generally having fun while teaching your dog how to perform in every kind of situation. Even if you’re just thinking about joining the club or buying a pup, come on out and see what it’s all about. Our training days cover subjects ranging from basic obedience through training for hunting and hunt tests. We typically set up hunting scenarios for various levels of ability for both dog and handler. Has your dog been exposed to gunfire, REAL BIRDS, other dogs, and decoys? If not, come to a Big D HRC training day and give your dog exposure to these crucial elements and much more. So, no matter what level of training you and your retriever are presently at, our club is for you. Official Club Training Days are announced on our Calendar.